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Airport Simulation
Airport fire fighting vehicle operation teaching instrument
2016-12-09 03:06:45
Product model: HLXFJC-001-40
First, equipment overview
The model of the software scene is designed according to the 1:1 model of the airport fire engine 3D. The proportion of the scene model is designed according to the examination outline and training requirements.
Design a large number of real-time error tips (including text tips as well as sound and light alarm, etc.), to help students to correct the wrong action in a timely manner, to eliminate illegal operations.
Scenario software can control operation perspective, Korah far see the whole site or zoom in the machine, to a trained observer objects relative position, improving the operation skill. Can also be in the driver's room perspective, the third angle of view, such as the free switch between back and forth, while 360 degree view of the whole view.
Durable high quality all metal structure, high strength, strong sense of texture, strong security, can prevent electromagnetic interference. Modular design, operating the teaching instrument on all the hardware are composed of independent modules, easy to disassemble, easy to maintain.
With the function of the parameters and real-time state display, such as oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, name of the scene, using and scoring.
The teaching instrument is composed of a teaching instrument body, a chair, a high sensitivity control handle, a pedal, a high integrated data circuit board and various function regulating components.
Two, software parameters
Basic teaching: including text teaching (structure and working principle), video teaching (maintenance) two modules.
Video: video teaching with the voice, text in the form of detailed functions, in addition to snow maintenance dismantling.
Mechanical principle: the basic structure and its principle are introduced in the form of animation or video.
Practical exercises: according to the different parts of the fire, with no hint of speech and text, let the students to operate their own water spraying device, according to the work process, if the operation error, voice and light alarm, is not to be penalized.
Practical operation assessment: randomly select a different ignition point, or according to the server settings specified scene and ignition point, with no hint of speech and text, operation and operation etc. process, if the errors of the points.
Three, hardware parameters
Host: Haier brand PC (the three year warranty)
Display system: brand HD LED LCD TV
Body structure: the body with 1.2 material of steel production, the overall use of electrostatic spray processing, to solve the problem, anti rust.
Seat: the seat cushion and the back sponge are made of vacuum foaming technology, and the surface material is black PVC. At the same time the seat with front and back, back angle adjustment and other functions.
Power voltage: 220V national standard voltage, single power is less than 300W.

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