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Gantry crane operation teaching instrument
Patent certificate No.: ZL 201120543745.4
Computer software copyright registration number: 2012SR049970
Product model: HLQZ-014-32
First, equipment overview
The model in the software scene is designed according to the 1:1 model of the portal crane, and the proportion of the scene model is designed according to the examination outline and the training requirements of the 3D model.
Scene teaching in the design of a large number of real-time error tips (including text, voice prompts and sound and light alarm, etc.), to help students to correct the wrong action in a timely manner, to eliminate illegal operations.
Portal crane operation teaching instrument can meet the requirements of the equipment on the basis of standardized operation, realize the lifting, luffing, rotary and lifting operation, appraisal and assessment of a realistic simulation.
Video teaching, the use of functional buttons can be switched between a number of videos. And you can pause, back, forward, full screen playback of the current video.
Two, software parameters
Introduction to teaching: containing the corresponding theory of knowledge learning, safe operating procedures, operating notes, etc..
Practical exercises: hanging training "," grab training, within the stipulated time, portal crane for control simulation, the simulation of actual work steps, for illegal operations carry warnings.
Assessment training: the learner can carry out the training of the gantry crane inspection items in this scene. The scene including forensic assessment and examination assessment, let the student in the formal examination before the assessment of the familiar scene, repeated training.
Mechanical principle: to explain the structure of portal crane in the form of animation. The main components of the learner's understanding of portal crane.
Practical assessment: assessment, assessment of trial evidence. According to the portal crane practical operation assessment standard 1:1 production, all hanging objects, the size of the obstacle is based on practical operation assessment standards required for the production of the scene, in accordance with the gantry crane national practical assessment criteria assessment, for violations of the standard deduction, for unqualified to cancel the qualification.
The theory test: the module to test the form of portal crane based examines student knowledge. Have the theory test standard test, random questions, test paper, automatic evaluation and automatic scoring function and changes on the questions according to the customer demand.
Three, hardware parameters
Host: Haier brand PC (the three year warranty)
Display system: 32 inch brand HD LED LCD TV
Main handle: supporting parts adopt the high strength alloy casting, the mechanism to rotate the rotary movement of the parts with high precision dense type bearing, handle resetting mechanism to stretching the spring as the power reduction for use long life, obviously feeling, gear position clear. At the same time with the speed of the device software, the module can adjust the movement speed can achieve the effect of synchronization and real change.
Seat: the seat cushion and the back sponge are made of vacuum foaming technology, and the surface material is black PVC. At the same time the seat with front and back, back angle adjustment and other functions.
Body structure: the body is made of 1.2 steel plate, all the parts are metal parts.
Power voltage: 220V national standard voltage, single power is less than 300W.

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