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Coal mining Machinery
Virtual practice teaching instrument for tunneling machine
Patent certificate No.: ZL 201020180072.6
Computer software copyright registration number: 2010SR035537
Product model: HLJJ-013-27
First, equipment overview
Training content in accordance with the boring machine driver training outline and boring machine driver assessment criteria, equipped with the latest "boring machine virtual training operating system" software.
The model in the software scene is designed according to the proportion of the 1:1 model in the 3D model, and the scene model is designed according to the requirement of the heading face.
Virtual scene and hardware system interaction, the picture shows and the actual control of the match, and accompanied by the corresponding voice, sound and light tips.
The teaching instrument is composed of a teaching instrument body, a chair, a driving machine simulation handle, a simulation control button, a high integrated data circuit board and various function regulating components.
Two, software parameters
Basic knowledge: from the type of the boring machine, the demolition of the notice, the order of disintegration, the loading notes, the underground transport order of five content written in writing the safety operation procedures. The knowledge of the operation of the boring machine is introduced in this paper, which makes the operator have a certain understanding of the boring machine.
Video teaching: the way of video to introduce the knowledge of the boring machine and matters needing attention. To enable the operator to quickly grasp the theoretical basis of knowledge.
The driving practices: the scene is divided into "empty" (on the ground of practice) and "the underground excavation practice" (in virtual underground boring machine boot sequence learning), learners can in such a scenario of the roadheader basic functions of understanding. And the driving machine of the various functions of the button and the operator to learn, to achieve the purpose of the functions of the machine operator.
The primary study of performance test: performance appraisal master degree of TBM operation. Enter the examination scene, enter the candidate's identity card number, after the input is completed, enter the assessment scene. Enter the working state, in the specified time, the boring machine simulation control; control the handle, the compound operation, cut out the shape of the specified. To simulate the actual operation of the process, for the illegal operation, put forward a warning and give the correct operation. Simulated in tunneling process in the real environment of the underground: driving coal floor effect; through the movement of the star wheel, will fall to the ground after the coal fed into the conveying belt and the incorrect operation steps for warning. After the assessment is completed, the system will list the assessment process of the wrong operation and the number of times, will eventually come to the assessment of the total score.
Theoretical examination: the module in the form of test questions to examine the level of knowledge of the basic knowledge of the operator. Have the theory test standard test, random questions, test paper, automatic evaluation and automatic scoring function and changes on the questions according to the customer demand.
Mechanical structure: in 3D effects introduced show boring machine parts and installation and debugging attention matters and hydraulic piping system, also on the corresponding components of the speech to explain, to make learners of boring machine of the main components of the function. All parts of the assembly is completed in the state of full automation.
Three, hardware parameters
Host: Haier brand PC (the three year warranty)
Display system: 27 inch LED HD LCD
Integrated circuit board: supply voltage 2.7 - 5.5V, sensitivity 7.5mV/mT-20mV/mT, fast operating speed, high stability and security performance, low power consumption. The circuit board is made of high quality sheet, system stability, to ensure that the various parts of the product through the sensor data collection signal, circuit board data processing feedback to software simulation operation, to ensure the timely feedback of three dimensional simulation model of the operating components and software.
Seat: the seat cushion and the back sponge are made of vacuum foaming technology, and the surface material is black PVC. At the same time the seat with front and back, back angle adjustment and other functions.
Body structure: the body with 1.2 material of steel production, the overall use of electrostatic spray processing, to solve the problem, anti rust.
Power voltage: 220V national standard voltage, single power is less than 300W.

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