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Coal mining Machinery
Comprehensive training system for coal mining machine
Product model: HLCM-311A-2727
Simulation teaching
Theory Teaching: in the form of animation, the coal mining machine safety operation procedures, operational matters needing attention and other related knowledge. Introduce the relevant knowledge and notice of the shearer in the form of video video.
Mining practice: according to the actual operation, the associated mechanical condition examinations before the operation of the coal machine and to correct boot steps to guide and steps of the coal preparation, operation error were a warning and make correct instructions. To understand the basic functions of the shearer, and to learn the various functions of the coal mining machine, to achieve the purpose of skilled operation of the various functions of the shearer. Understand the operation procedures and dangerous operation, can be operated at will. By using the remote control device, the control device can be used for the operation control of the rocker arm, the roller lifting and the coal mining machine to walk, accelerate, slow down, stop, stop, and so on;
Practical operation assessment: follow the mine safety training syllabus and assessment standards, in line with the industry safety training present situation and the relevant requirements, the examination after the end to give the corresponding scores and display the number of errors.
Two, training interaction
Can be realistic simulation to achieve the lifting of the rocker arm, shearer drum cutting, shearer traction running and other operations.
Three, the principle of disassembly
Cut cut system, hydraulic system and power system of the main components of combinatorial explosion diagram, structure independent anatomy, dismantling assembly interactive presentations, interactive assembly practice, analysis of working principle etc. learning content, with common troubleshooting of learning content.

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