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Gantry crane maintenance 3D interactive learning system
First, equipment overview
Model object three-dimensional image of a strong sense of the software, the reaction rate is fast, when the interactive zoom in with the object, moving and rotating objects, can do real-time updates.
The models of the software are designed according to the 1:1 ratio of each engineering machinery, and the 3D model is designed and produced, which is not affected by the environment of the user's computer at run time.
In the process of teaching, the key parts of the design of a real-time operating tips, prompt the operation of students, of course, the wrong operation will not produce adverse results.
3D self-learning system can meet the requirements of the mechanical components of the mechanical components of the conventional operation, in addition to the components of the explosion and combination diagram, and in the explosion diagram to dynamically display the name of each component. At the same time, it can realize the self assembly and disassembly, and also can be assembled and disassembled by the specific components of each component.
Software also provides some of the main parts (or components) of the working principle of animation, to help learners better understand the mechanical components of the working process, principles, characteristics, etc..
Software is more Xingse is its "independent" on the anatomy learning environment, in this environment, learning them through the menu options and on parts of transparent or hidden, easy to see the internal structure of a part.
In the "interactive assembly practice", the operator can use the "human-computer interaction", drag the components on the assembly, the software can dynamically demonstrate the assembly process. Or component assembly errors, give tips. For beginners, the system also provides a "help" to guide students to learn. Through this part of the exercise, can better understand the structure of the parts.
Two, software parameters
Full range of the whole machine browsing: here, the operator can be in any size (can be arbitrary zoom) or any view (can be a full range of rotating objects) under the observation of objects. And when the cursor falls on a component, the name of the display unit.
Part of the explosion, the combination: the structure of the components of a comprehensive anatomy - the explosion, the combination of graphic. Through the explosion diagram, we can know more about the structure of the parts, the relative position and the name of the parts.
The structure of the parts of the autonomous anatomy: autonomous anatomy, that is, the operator can freely rotate, zoom, do a full range of browsing. At the same time, through the right menu to achieve a certain part of the transparent or hidden, so that the internal parts of the structure can also be seen.
Disassembly and assembly of the interactive demonstration: here, the operator can decide how to disassemble parts of parts, in which part of the disassembly, and can be repeated demonstration. To leave when the user decides to quit.
Interactive assembly exercise: through the control of the user, according to the order of assembly to parts dragged into assembly body corresponding to the position, the emergence of an assembly action. If you drag the wrong parts or put the wrong position, the parts will return, and give prompt information.
Three, hardware parameters
Host: Intel core I5
Display system: 46 inch LCD touch screen display
Body structure: the body uses 1.2 steel plate production, the body uses the whole spray paint processing.
Power voltage: 220V national standard voltage, single power is less than 300W.

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