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Agricultural Machinery
Server terminal management system
First, equipment overview
Login identification function with administrator.
Information management function: to achieve information management, user and device simulator of trainees; such as: training identity information, mistake operation or examination, examination, subjects, examination content.
This product can realize simulation training room all analog teaching equipment (need to be the company's production and sales simulation teaching equipment) local area network management.
The product is suitable for the centralized and unified management of the same kind of equipment.
Two, software parameters
1 system login function:
With the system login function, the administrator can enter the system through the input user name and password.
2 information management function:
Grade printing:
Student achievement report print
Grade report printing
Class information management: mainly for all class information management, including the increase of new users, the user's modification and deletion.
User information management:
Mainly to all user information management, including the increase of new users, the user's modification, deletion, and recovery.
Role information management:
Role is for different levels of users with different permissions, you can set the new role or modify the role and assign to the user, a user can have multiple roles.
Include: add roles, modify roles, delete roles, where the system administrator is the default role, the role of the maximum permissions, and can not be deleted.
Student information management:
Mainly for all student information management, from the left side of the class tree can query the student list, or enter the name or ID card number in the query column and then click the query key can also query the student. Includes adding, modifying, deleting, and restoring. Students are not able to log on to the system, students have "failure" and "effective" two state. Can not be deleted from the database.
Performance analysis:
Is mainly to provide the most direct student achievement view, for each class, the different score distribution to provide intuitive query analysis.
Teacher management function:
Add teachers: new teachers (personal information, landing information).
Editor: can modify, delete teacher information (personal information, login information).
3 system management function:
Log system: the log records the user login system in all of the system after the operation. The records recorded the operator's name, operation time, MAC address, IP address, description of operation, operation module and so on information. Can query the operation log, modify the notes, delete and other operations.
System operation: the system operation module includes the color scheme (according to the user's preferences for custom program color theme), re login, exit system.
Three, hardware parameters
Host: Haier brand PC (the three year warranty)
Display system: 19-22 inch LCD
ID card read card reader: operating frequency: 13.56 MHz; induction area: 100*120mm; induction distance: greater than 50mm; card reading speed: less than 1.5 seconds; transmission rate: USB interface 12mbps; power: computer power supply interface (USB).
Switch: 10/100M adaptive Ethernet switch.
Printer: HP laser printer
Multifunctional desk: use 1.2mm thick high-quality hardcover WISCO cold-rolled steel plate, CNC precision equipment manufacture, surface by pickling, phosphating antirust and anti-corrosion electrostatic spray processing, spray evenly, good smoothness, durable plastic, steel and wood combined, edge smooth arc transition, more safe and beautiful.
Voltage and power: 220V national standard voltage, single power is less than 300W.

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