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Special equipment
Horizontal coal-fired boiler training and testing machine
Equipment introduction
Horizontal coal-fired boiler training and testing machine
Specifications: long x wide x high: 3.17 x 1.31 M 1.75 (x)
Weight: 225KG
Voltage: 220V
Technical description of industrial boiler inspection machine:
Industrial boiler practical training evaluation of boiler operation, teaching equipment, selection of commonly used in China is representative of the typical furnace type as a hands-on training evaluation models, according to the State Administration of quality supervision the industrial boiler operation personnel examination institution basic requirements ", will TSGG6001-2009 the boiler safety management personnel and operator assessment outline" provisions of the boiler operation training and examination of the content, combined with experts organized by the national administration of written examination questions as part of the evaluation subjects, in boiler machine for testing and training can be realized. Using microcomputer control technology through language guide, light display, inductive effect, mechanical and electrical integration, in the training evaluation demonstration boiler operation all working and fault conditions for operating personnel hands-on training and assessment. Training and testing machine to imitate the boiler structure, the corresponding auxiliary equipment and installation of the same as the actual safety accessories and water, steam, oil, air pipe and the operation of the valve. The utility model has the advantages of simple operation, easy use, no fuel, no heat exchange, and the operation function is the same with the actual boiler, and has the real sense, and is suitable for the teaching and training evaluation of the boiler operator. Can also be used as boiler management personnel, inspection personnel training and education.
In the training and testing machine to achieve the normal operation of the boiler test questions, the safety operation of the examination questions, emergency treatment of the examination questions. And all the examination questions to make audio-visual teaching courseware for students to demonstrate, with the correct operating procedures to regulate the actual operation of the operator. Meet the actual operation of the boiler operator training, assessment requirements.
First, the boiler prototype
1 the use of the current representative of the typical furnace, as the model of boiler inspection machine.
The WNY/Q-M1-3.0 horizontal oil / gas boiler training machine
The LSY/Q-M1-3.0 vertical oil / gas boiler training machine
DZL-M1-3.0 horizontal coal-fired boiler training and testing machine
The DRW-M1-3.0 horizontal internal combustion organic heat carrier boiler training machine
2 according to the real boiler, according to a certain proportion of the production. The shape of the boiler, equipped with the ancillary equipment and safety accessories and operating valves parts and installation position and to the fireman to show the real.
3. Boiler practical training evaluation of all safety accessories and valves are the true component, for fireman operation, durable.
Two. The function and characteristics of the training and testing machine for industrial boiler
1 has the boiler operator to carry out the actual operation demonstration, training, examination, intelligent scoring function.
2 as long as you click the mouse can be completed for students to choose the test questions for the actual practice, timing, test paper, archiving, printing and other functions.
3. Demonstrate the practical operation and training, the machine can do the voice guidance and screen illustrated, the perfect realization of the boiler is in normal, emergency and safety operation training and assessment work.
4 no wear and tear testing sensor to ensure the signal is accurate and reliable. And the installation of the real operating accessories to ensure the durability of the operating parts.
5 real boiler structure, boiler equipment, safety accessories and equipment running voice, able to simulate the operation of the boiler to create a scene.
6 fully realized the State General Administration of the organization of the national boiler experts to prepare the examination questions of all subjects, to achieve and demonstrate the various operating conditions and fault conditions of the boiler.
7 using the domestic more advanced software and PLC control technology, can track the progress of technology, at any time to upgrade.
Three, the characteristics of the software system
1 the operating buttons, safety accessories and valves of the auxiliary equipment of the boiler are the signal acquisition points of the testing machine simulation system.
2 non contact electromagnetic sensing technology is installed in the boiler auxiliary equipment within the safety accessories and operation of the valve, the sensing effect is sensitive and reliable and durable.
3 the initial state of the boiler fault adjustment, the actual operation of the use of light display and language tips, training and operation of the wrong steps to correct and guide the operation of the operator. Play a crucial role in the improvement of the operational skills of the operator.
4 the operation signal is transmitted to the programmable controller through the signal processing technology, which is transmitted to the computer through the software system to display the operation status of the boiler and various faults.
Four, the actual operation of training and testing machine working principle
Each step of the operator's operation, through the PLC programmable control system for data acquisition and processing. Using the communication network to transfer the processed information to the computer. And the results of the calculation are fed back to the PLC, PLC will be processed after the instructions to the device to display, to achieve a variety of operating conditions of the boiler.
Five, teaching function
1. Boiler accessories: grate deceleration device, a blower, a draught fan, in addition to the slag machine, water pump, filter, cylinder and connecting pipes etc., let students intuitive understanding of boiler auxiliary equipment structure and installation location.
2 the real installation of the boiler all safety accessories: safety valve, pressure gauge, water table, sewage valve, so that students understand the structure of the boiler safety accessories and installation location.
3 simulated boiler pressure, water supply, sewage, combustion, flue gas system, let the students understand the working system of boiler.
4 to edit the work system of the boiler process demonstration, vivid demonstration of the working system of the work of the boiler system.
5. All the examination questions edit to make the multimedia courseware, the animation, reconstruction and Simulation of boiler operation and fault for the student presentation, boiler normal operation, safe operation, boiler fault emergency procedure to regulate the actual operation of the operating personnel. Meet the actual operation of the boiler operator training, assessment requirements.
Six, the training function
Signal acquisition, signal transmission centralized control technology is adopted in the 1. The actual operation of training evaluation, application technology of computer software. Simulation boiler operating parameters (pressure, water level) logical relations and equipment operation state, equipped with sound and light technology to the fireman to create the real environment of boiler operation site.
2 boiler operation training and testing machine in the training of students, the use of projection screen tracking demonstration, and have known the language tips.
3 in the assessment system of the database set up a standard step, the students in the training, assessment (training) simulation system according to the steps of the student operation and database standard step control, automatic error steps.
4. To train the topic practice, the voice prompt, and with the initial state does not match the voice prompt function, to guide the operation steps are given to help the students master the fireman operation points and correctly ruled out the fault of the boiler.
Seven, check function
(1) the function of examination: candidates in the test database according to the requirements of random questions, carry on the examination system can automatically check the initial state of the boiler, the assessor to monitors the testing process, and operating steps of trainee recorded automatically archived.
2 questions automatic test paper function: according to the two questions, three questions, the system can randomly extract test paper.
3 test time function: set the test time, the test process to implement accurate timing, in more than the specified time, the system automatically shield its operation.
4 test automatic scoring function: the system to test the results of automatic scoring.
5 student information, database management functions: the system can be on the examinee information, input, statistics, query, summary statements and maintenance.
Eight, system application software function
1 demo function
1) water level control system and flush water level gauge;
2) air supply system;
Slag feeding system of 3);
4) sewage system;
5) the flue gas flow system;
6) water circulation system;
7) pressure system;
8) operating system when failure of safety accessories;
9) normal operating system for safety accessories;
10) operating system when the boiler is in trouble;
11) boiler normal operation system;
2 module function
1) demo module;
2) training module;
3) examination module;
4) database management module;
5) user management module;
6) help module;
Nine, boiler operation training and examination machine installation and commissioning
1 boiler operation training and examination machine installation should be installed in accordance with the actual situation of the classroom layout plan in place;
2 cylinder can be shared with the relevant boiler;
Boiler. For pipe, a steam outlet pipe, sewage pipe, exhaust pipe etc. shall be according to the boiler and auxiliary equipment in the actual installation position of piping.
4 boiler operation training and examination machine and control box, small area;
5 boiler sensor system, signal transmission system, control system, network system, software system installation and debugging by the closing of the technical personnel on the scene.
6 boiler operation training and testing machine and the use of simulation system, operation, maintenance, management by the closing of the technical personnel on-site guidance and training.

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