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Oilfield simulation
Three dimensional simulation and training system for mud logging equipment operation and maintenance
System profile
The system adopts advanced virtual reality technology to accept the training of the staff to create a real logging equipment operation and maintenance of learning and working environment, the integration of VR interaction, in the operations of one-way indoctrination training process, and let students interaction on the training of students, enhance students practical ability.
major function
Training of winch, riser pressure and load sensor.
SOP training of test flow and quantitative fluorescent operation flow of positive pressure explosion-proof system.
Training of auxiliary equipment of electric degassing device.
The system is an integrated platform for teaching and examination.
Product features
Training topics section menu script management, highlighting the level of training content.
The installation location of the 3D scene reappearance wellsite sensor, and enhance student awareness.
Good interactive, students can freely, independent of the three-dimensional scene in view of the training object.
The expansion of the training system is good, only need to modify the script can achieve resource integration editor.

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