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Oilfield simulation
Three dimensional real time simulation system for oil drilling and well completion
System profile
The system for petroleum drilling engineering drilling, completion and repairing well operation, monitoring staff, design staff, trainers and managers of the system is provided with a job well remote real-time monitoring, history playback, design preview, training teaching, will work through the form of 3D virtual reality for realistic image of the performance, so as to achieve the purpose of real-time monitoring, decision support and training..
major function
Knowledge of various working conditions of drilling engineering, and training the ability of new staff to operate well. The completion of drilling and completion of the playback, and then to the operation process analysis and improvement, improve production efficiency. Remote real-time monitoring, supervision, or assist the on-site personnel to complete the operation, effectively avoid the occurrence of safety accidents in the production process.
Product features
Based on the Internet of things technology, real-time three-dimensional display of drilling process and the operation of various equipment.
The system uses the research results of many domestic research institutions -- function algorithm and mathematical model.

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