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Loader operating teaching instrument
HLZZ-011M-32 product
First, equipment overview
Loader operation teaching system, the system set up two models for learning those choices: LG833B dragon industry and trade, Foton Lovol fl955f type.
The model in the software scene is designed according to the 3D model of the specified model loader, forklift 1:1 ratio, the proportion of the scene model is designed according to the examination outline and training requirements.
Scenario software can be used in small keyboard control perspective, Korah far see the whole site or zoom in the machine, to a trained observer objects relative position, improving the operation skill. Through the small keyboard can also be in the driver's room perspective, the third angle of view and so on between the free switch back and forth, simultaneously can the 360 degree full view view.
With display loading machine parameters and real-time state, such as oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, display time, subject, score, gear, brake release or brake, rearview mirror, display content can also hide through the small keyboard.
Scene teaching in the design of a large number of real-time error tips (including text tips as well as sound and light alarm, etc.), to help students to correct the wrong action in a timely manner, to eliminate illegal operations.
Two, software parameters
Basic education contains corresponds to the equipment of theoretical knowledge learning, including: Note (4 items), fork lift truck driver shall have five senses, such as the use of safe operating procedures (10 items), driver operating standard (10), the safety of the engine.
Video teaching: containing the equipment and the corresponding operation of the stones, garbage operations, gravel operations, such as video explanation.
Theoretical examination: the module in the form of examination questions to test students on the basis of knowledge of the loader. Have the theory test standard test, random questions, test paper, automatic evaluation and automatic scoring function and changes on the questions according to the customer demand.
Scene exercise: the module meets the requirements of the standard of the training program, and it is suitable for the study of the loader. The scene to practice the main training students in the realistic construction environment, the ability to respond to harsh environment, as well as the ability to judge and solve all kinds of dangerous hidden dangers. Contains 4 subjects respectively: driving, parking, transfer, driving on the downhill, on the floor. Contains eight job subjects, respectively: loading operation, ground leveling, ditch pit landfill, heap data operation, road overburden, shift feeding operations, gravel operation, free operation.
Machine structure: the structure of the loader in the form of animation.
Three, hardware parameters
Host: Haier brand PC (the three year warranty)
Display system: 32 inch brand HD LED LCD TV
Joystick: metal structure, seal design. Using advanced Holzer sensor circuit, through the magnetic field of the difference between the strength of the handle to achieve the stability of analog, without any contact friction loss, the use of the handle to extend the handle.
Seat: the seat cushion and the back sponge are made of vacuum foaming technology, and the surface material is black PVC. At the same time the seat with front and back, back angle adjustment and other functions.
Body structure: the body is made of 1.2 steel plate, all the parts are metal parts. The pickling and phosphating process, the overall use of electrostatic spray processing, to solve the problem of electrostatic and rust.
Small keyboard: for angle switching, system selection, video playback, fast forward, backward, pause, full screen and other related functions.
Power voltage: 220V national standard voltage, single power is less than 300W.

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