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Jingjiang city to add simulated crane, boiler simulation test machine
TIME:2016-12-09 12:08 SOURCE:翰林科技 CLICK:
At the moment, Jingjiang City engaged in heavy machinery, forklifts, boilers and other special equipment operating personnel is more and more, previous to this part of the special operations personnel training examination is limited to conventional "empty talk", or borrow equipment of the enterprises "Duanpingkuai" examination mode. Recently, Jingjiang Bureau of quality and technical supervision input more than one million yuan, Taizhou City, the first special equipment operating personnel examination center built, additions to simulate the crane, boiler simulation test machine, at present the examination center has been built for completion and commissioning.
Computer simulation of "cloning" operation
The test center has been installed in the gantry crane, gantry crane and boiler simulation test machine. Impression of the door machine, boiler equipment should be a monster, but at the test center, each simulator covers an area of about two square meters, above a lot of button. "These buttons and the actual operation of the button position, the operation requirements, the intensity is also very consistent." Jingjiang Bureau of quality supervision, safety supervision department Zheng Canxing introduction.
Under the guidance of the management staff, the reporter sit door seat type lifting simulation test machine, experience the feeling of "open" crane. When the power is turned on, the screen in front of display examination content, prompting students to goods from a to B in a specified time, jump over obstacles in the process of moving, and keep the load stable lifting, cannot touch framework, otherwise they will be penalized. The whole operation shall be in accordance with the operating rules, to achieve steady, fast and safe, if the timeout must be penalized. Reporter in the operator's help, staring at the screen, while nervously around the operating handle, handle operation is very flexible, but to allow goods "obediently" to jump over obstacles matter is not easy. Finally, the reporter reluctantly transferred the goods to the destination, the whole process with a time of 25 minutes and 4 seconds, for more than 85 seconds, the final result is 0.
Subsequently, a management staff to carry out simulation demonstration. He pushed the button, so that the goods smoothly from the different height of the obstacle after, run into the middle of the frame, after examination on the screen display results: 82 points, which a is drive before the ringing of a bell, deducted 10 points; a bump on the framework, buckle 8 points, and qualified is divided into 60 points.
Zheng Canxing introduction, simulation test seems to be easy to operate, but not as simple as playing the game, and the actual operation, it requires excellent technology, we must go through the actual operation training, can control the simulation machine.
The test of the theory exam
Examination center is also provided with a theoretical examination room, indoor accommodate more than 40 people to participate in the examination, the examination items covering all special equipment operating personnel examination project. CBT system random questions, after the end of the examination, automatically calculate the results and immediately released, to achieve a fair, just and open, convenient and quick.
Zheng Canxing told reporters, according to regulations, special equipment operators must first obtain a work permit, in order to mount guard. At present, Jingjiang City, has been evidence of special equipment operators have more than 9 thousand people, including cranes, forklift, boiler, water treatment, elevators, pressure vessels, pressure pipes and other types of work. Every year there are thousands of people to apply for the "certificate", has been certified personnel to carry out a review every four years. After the establishment of the special equipment operating personnel examination center, Jingjiang City will be of special equipment operating personnel to "test the theory by computer-based test, the actual operation simulation training, assessment, theory test mode will gradually be alternative computer examination, to further strengthen the student actual operation ability test, to improve the overall level of Jingjiang City special equipment operating personnel.

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