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Importance of simulation machine training in the process of Yantai excavator training
TIME:2016-12-09 12:08 SOURCE:翰林科技 CLICK:
In the process of Yantai excavator training pay much attention to the importance of training simulation, simulator training can help beginners understand excavator parts, in the real operation process is not necessary because the machine is not fully understood and confused. Exercises to simulate machine and not like some students said nothing, because simulation machine is not used to technology improvement, but let you familiar with the cooperation between the various components of the excavator, allows you to skilled big arm, small arm, digging bucket excavator and walking with. In the actual operation of the process can be relatively good grasp of strength. In the excavator operation process, and the coordination of the various parts is very important, if the match is not good, the excavator can not work properly. Like digging this simple action requires cooperation between the size of the arm and bucket, in arm stretched out, the small arm of extension arm under pressure and tipping bucket and recover to the need to carry a large arm closed arm and bucket. Such a basis for action, no seriously study is good, even though you may be doing, is very smooth, in one fell swoop had no feeling, can let a person feel your scholarship excavator or your excavator technology is not good.
For the study of motor vehicles, the most important is a skilled degree, as long as the operation is more skilled can safe and effective work, because work or on the road at any time have an emergency, is the action to be faster than the brain can make a timely response, to avoid emergencies. The benefits of simulation are still in the skilled, safe experience and the actual operation of the same operation process, to ensure the safety of the road before, skilled. So, you learn the simulator must seriously, strengthen in the simulator training on the road, and strive to achieve in each movement can freely flowing style of writing, in one fell swoop.

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