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Virtual practice operating system of coal mine tunnel boring machine (China Energy News)
TIME:2016-12-09 12:09 SOURCE:翰林科技 CLICK:
Safety training can also achieve the effect of 3D! Recently, the first have domestic and foreign patents and independent intellectual property rights of "tunneling machine virtual training operation teaching system" to the advent of the Jiangsu Xuzhou Hanlin Technology Co., Ltd.. This system can replace the traditional manual field training mode, and it can be used in the virtual system teaching and training to the boring machine and other coal mining machinery.
"Boring machine virtual training operation teaching system" is the Hanlin science and technology research and development of the coal mine virtual training interactive platform "a period engineering achievements, the system using international advanced support low-level drawing and modeling capabilities of the graphics library and has a extensive hardware support OpenGL technology research and development, to subvert the traditional blackboard dictated, multimedia on-demand training methods, innovative training in practical operation of underground excavation operation, escape and rescue and other equipment to move the ground, through the operation practice and operation of machinery and equipment parts of 1:1 ratio operation instrument, virtual reproduction of coal mine production environment, the working condition of mechanical equipment, disassemble the equipment, repair and maintenance etc..
At present, the system has been applied in Zaozhuang Shandong mining group and Yanzhou Coal Mining Co, the training effect is remarkable, and obtained the high evaluation of the experts in coal industry. Jujube mining group pay Village Coal Co., Ltd. workers University Cui president told reporters: "by this set of equipment, the worker need not well will be able to experience the real downhole environment, both immersive training effect, and can avoid the actual underground training may bring harm."
The system combines the characteristics of safety production of coal mine, according to national on the coal mine safety training syllabus and assessment standards established a set of complete, new practical training mode. Covers the driving mechanical equipment daily training and skill appraisal work, specific content including boring preparation, disassembly and assembly visualization and Simulation of tunneling machine operation training, equipment working principle teaching, mechanical and routine maintenance maintenance knowledge and common troubleshooting, heading face production environment knowledge, operation safety matters needing attention, for the coal industry to implement safety and technical training to provide comprehensive, systematic and universally applicable "material".
The system has a high degree of simulation, high operating sensitivity, face the true light and mechanical operation with sound effects, making the operating environment more vivid and lifelike, with practicality, safety, technology, interactive, rich materials, energy saving and low carbon and environmental protection and saving training cost, improve production efficiency and other seven advantages, achieved by operating of equipment underground scene in the real environment of human-computer interaction control, hardware and software to achieve interactive control, solve a single problem of pure software abstraction and pure hardware equipment operation to solve the high training machine loss cost. At the same time, the system have illegal operations of warning and intelligent correction, for operating personnel do not regulate the operation of the given warning, and give the correct method of operation guidance cue, the to develop a good habit of standardized operation, shorten the period of staff training and reduce the rate of accidents.
According to the company's technical staff introduction, the system established the 3D visual simulation system of coal mine safety technology and training, the overall level and intuitive perspective combined, through 3D animation, virtual reproduction, disassemble the equipment, virtual practical operation and other technology to the teaching content in a more vivid way to show up. In addition, the software also increased the error operation tips such as setting, operation to help students correct illegal operations and error action, and the practical operation of the examination results of automatic summarization, the assessment results are objective and fair evaluation of scoring.
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