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The opening of the first global virtual reality China Summit
TIME:2016-12-09 04:04:23 SOURCE:翰林科技 CLICK:315
Today, the first global virtual reality and augmented reality China summit 2016 held a grand, the summit will bring together more than 500 from more than and 20 countries attended the senior representatives from around the world, their VR, AR field heavyweight high tech companies and entrepreneurial rookie, covering VR, AR of the entire ecological chain.

At this summit, more than 30 industry leaders will do wonderful speech, covering various aspects of the industry chain, such as the publishing industry white paper, display of new products, new technology innovation achievement issued and launched various forms of interaction and cooperation.
In this regard, analysts said that the current VR, AR technology has entered the field of practical applications, both ends of the supply and demand have shown a huge potential for the outbreak.
With the shortening of the product development cycle and the market for VR devices to enhance awareness, including VR devices, including the virtual reality of the market will usher in a vast incremental space. Market Research and consulting firm Tractica is expected, by 2020, the first significant VR, VR auxiliary equipment and VR content and other aspects of the global virtual reality market size will grow to $22 billion.
Market research firm IDC released the latest report predicts that by 2020 the global augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) market revenue will expand from the current $5 billion 200 million to $162 billion. This means that the next five years the global AR/VR market annual growth rate will be as high as 181.3%.
IDC vice president Shute said, in the past many years AR/VR technology has been stuck in the field of science fiction, and now with the cheap AR/VR devices based on smart phones have been launched, the consumer market is ready to accept the new experience. Recent technology development in the medical industry shows that AR technology can play a strong influence in the industry, the next five years these technologies will be applied in other areas of education, logistics and manufacturing, etc..
According to Gartner is expected by the end of 2018 VR equipment sales will reach 25 million units. Market is generally believed that, with the consumer market for the bulk of the hardware and content market, 2016 VR industry is expected to usher in the outbreak. A number of giant CES and MWC in the new product is a special signal. Is expected in 2020, the world's first wear VR equipment sales will reach about 40 million units, the market size of about 40 billion yuan, plus the content services and enterprise applications, the market capacity of more than one hundred billion yuan.
Agencies believe that with the gradual improvement of the domestic virtual reality ecosystem, content, software and other profit model will gradually mature. VR market size in China will be more than 2 billion yuan in 2017. By 2020, VR device shipments will reach 8 million 200 thousand units, the domestic VR hardware market size will account for 34.6% of the global VR hardware market.

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