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Xuzhou Hanlin Technology Co. Ltd.
company welfare

In order to strengthen the sense of belonging, reflect the humanistic care, to further promote the construction of enterprise culture, the formation of a good enterprise solidarity and cohesion. The following Hanlin technology welfare system:
First, insurance
1. companies in accordance with national standards to pay pension insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance and unemployment insurance.
2. for frequent business trips to the company in addition to the purchase of an accident insurance, including 200 thousand of the accident insurance and 20 thousand yuan of medical insurance.
Two, holiday allowance       
According to China's national traditions and customs, the annual Mid Autumn Festival, the Spring Festival, international women's Festival (limited to women's Day women enjoy) Company in holiday for employees paid holiday fee or holiday items, to send the fun.       
Three, summer cooling costs or items      
1.Two each year in August July, 1 months, the company will issue a temperature drop. 
2 out of business personnel, travel subsidies to increase the cost of 10 yuan per day cooling.      
Four, staff travel
Company's annual staff travel activities, the specific content is as follows:
1 the staff, travel free of charge.
2 family members can be carried, to pay part of the cost.
3 according to the company's life is different, the tourist site may be different.
Five, communication costs
1. the company issued by the company and the company launched mobile phone and PHS fixed telephone card.
2. reimbursement of the cost of communication is different according to the level of reimbursement.
3. employees to meet the requirements of the company to provide a mobile phone.
Six, birthday cake
The company issued a cake card for each birthday.
Seven, lunch and transportation
Company to provide work at noon meal, two meat and two vegetarian, rice and soup is not limited supply.
Company near the traffic is convenient, there are 3 Road, 3,, 67, 55, 33, 610, 112, 93, 73, etc..
Eight, paid leave      
Company holidays in accordance with national regulations.
Nine, training       
1. the company offers pre job training and on-the-job training.
2. working period, such as higher education, the company will be rewarded as appropriate.
3.In full funding of Shanghai Jiaotong University or Tsinghua graduate training by the company 3 chance.       
Ten, year-end awards      
1. according to the effectiveness of the company to provide year-end awards, according to the Department of different, year-end awards are different.
2. sales department to complete the additional incentive to sell BMW car.


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