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2016 China (Shanghai) international amusement facilities and Equipment Expo in October 21-23 in Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall
TIME:2016-12-09 04:05:18 SOURCE:翰林科技 CLICK:294
The host Chinese amusement park association 2016 Chinese (Shanghai) international amusement facilities Equipment Exhibition (CAE) "on October 2016 21-23 at the Shanghai Expo Hall H1. The Expo was held second times in Shanghai, the exhibition area of 25000 square meters, a total of 1100 booths, exhibitors reached 300.
The Expo theme park to attract from equipment suppliers, large recreation facilities, large-scale water recreation facilities, theater equipment, virtual reality (VR), electronic games and game equipment, small playground facilities, indoor recreation equipment, high-tech video equipment, access control systems, security equipment, management consulting, theme park theme park staff training institutions, mobile equipment, inflatable, Carnival amusement park, amusement park facilities and display related supplies, catering equipment, gifts and souvenirs, performing arts performances, amusement facilities, theme park planning and construction of the manufacturer and other well-known domestic and foreign exhibitors.

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