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Oilfield simulation
Three dimensional simulation system of oil and gas pipeline
System profile
The system is an integrated system which integrates the functions of data acquisition, calculation, comparison analysis, intelligent evaluation, alarm and warning. Based on the theory of "black box", the main use of both ends of the pipeline pressure, flow and temperature data of pipeline hydraulic state of simulation, and can be used for instrument analysis, pipeline leak detection and location, across the board at any position of pressure, temperature, flow prediction. The real-time dynamic simulation of the oil and gas pipeline on-line simulation system has important guiding significance to the pipeline transportation operation and the full flow transportation, which can provide reference for the hydraulic operation of the whole line.
major function
Using a 3D virtual reality display oil field network topology architecture, based on the real-time monitoring of oil and gas pipeline state parameters. The data open platform of oil and gas pipeline is set up, which can be extended to other applications. Through the on line real-time state parameters measured values and simulated calculation of theoretical value, contrastive analysis, achieve to the pipeline operation status of multi angle, all-round monitoring, and through the early warning and alarm method and real-time monitoring of the entire pipe network pipeline anomalies.
Product features
According to the medium oil field and pipeline, a complete set of hydraulic and thermal calculation method for oil field pipe network is set up.
Based on the Internet of things technology, the use of three-dimensional virtual reality display oil field pipe network architecture, through the instrument, and other forms of curves show the oil field in real-time, simulation and calculation of data information. Through the network interface, realize the seamless connection with the oil field real-time monitoring data and the public data resources.
Can adjust the simulation formula and the source of parameters to ensure the accuracy of the simulation results.

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