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China's first virtual training operating system for Shearer
TIME:2016-12-09 12:09 SOURCE:翰林科技 CLICK:
Report from our correspondent recently, first at home and abroad, have several patents and independent intellectual property rights of the underground coal mine virtual training interactive platform "the second phase of the project" shearer practice of virtual operating system "in Xuzhou Hanlin technology company officially published, and put into use.
The system has characteristics of virtual practical training and points for introductory teaching, situational exercises, common fault treatment and daily maintenance, mechanical structure, theory test etc. five modules, combined with the technology of 3D virtual simulation, using the international advanced support low-level drawing and modeling capabilities of the graphics function library and extensive hardware support for the OpenGL technology research and development. The biggest characteristic is: the system uses not to receive any outside environment limit, may realize the various interactive function which can imagine, causes the training to have the biggest expansion.
"Shearer practice of virtual operating system consists of a software system and a hardware system two parts composition: software part contains basic knowledge teaching, finger oral site safety confirmation teaching, scene interactive practical teaching, mechanical structure dismantling, practical operation of the examination, the intelligent error correction, guide the teaching and other functional modules. Using 3D, voice, text, video and other explanations on the coal mining machine common causes of failure analysis, and gives the corresponding solution with the problem. Hardware part by cut about coal mining machine the main console, hydraulic bracket console, shearer cutting subject of wireless remote control two, 28 inch display, high allocation of PC and external big screen display system, an external audio combination and. Theoretical examination module is independent of the system in the simulation of the training of knowledge assessment function, in the form of examination questions to examine the students to grasp the knowledge of the coal mining machine operation.
The system is scientific, security, technology, flexibility, saving training costs, improve equipment utilization rate, increase production efficiency, energy saving and low carbon environmental protection, abundance in material eight advantages, to overturn the original tradition of practical training, "finger oral" safety confirmation method into one, the form of practical training for this simulation will strictly regulate the operation of the skills of workers, making it more scientific and more reasonable. And hardware equipment and software interactive control, to solve the pure software operation of the abstract and pure hardware equipment operation of a single problem. Make the training cycle significantly shorter, after the training of students quickly adapt to the working environment, as soon as possible to put into production work, to avoid the safety hidden dangers of underground real machine training. At the same time, the system have irregularities in the alarm prompt and intelligent correction function, for operating personnel do not regulate the operation of the given warning, and give the correct method of operation guidance cue, to develop a good habit of standardized operation, the system can achieve the practical operation of the examination, summary results, technology level assessment, the assessment of practical skills, as the actual hands-on standard, as technical contest objective, impartial and fair basis. Compared to the millions of "training base" project investment and its practical effect, the virtual operation training system can greatly save huge amounts of funds for training and practical to achieve very significant training effect, this advanced, safe, economic and low carbon energy-saving training mode, will become the future mainstream mode of coal mine staff skill training.
(Li Wenying Yang Tao)

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